Investment Opportunities

RCM Capital Limited (Canada) (“RCM Capital”) is managed by Regent Capital Management and invests in public companies, both domestic and international with quality management and long term potential. We perform fundamental analysis including credit risk and liquidity, technical analysis of market trends and industry, evaluation of manage team experience and corporate structure evaluation.

RCM Capital offers innovative, inexpensive and flexible financing that places the partner company in control of how and when it raises equity, minimizing any potential dilution or disruption to its capital structure. It allows a partner company discretion to periodically sell its common shares to RCM Capital when the market price is attractive to the company. The company decides when the funds are raised and how the funds are utilized.

RCM Capital does not interfere with management's execution of its business plan. We do not seek to impose restrictive covenants or to be a member of the Board of Directors. When we make an investment, a partner company is free to use the funds in any way to enhance shareholder value. Having us as a long-term partner reduces financing uncertainty so management can better focus on achieving its business objectives.

The objective of the Fund is to achieve capital appreciation with optimum returns, within controlled levels of risk, over the medium to long term by investing in management buyouts and build-ups and growth equity investments. The Fund will also target rapidly growing companies that are profitable, have proven business models and require capital for expansion but are likely to provide liquidity to the Fund during its tenure through a stock market listing or a trade sale.


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